CMTO Annual Report 2023

Message from Registrar & CEO: Update from the 2023 Annual Report

June 2024

2023 was an important year for us at CMTO, as we began the implementation of our ambitious multi-year strategic vision focused on safe, quality and effective Massage Therapy care. Progress was made on Sexual Abuse Prevention, Engagement and Partnerships, Regulatory Excellence, and we have set the stage to begin work on advancing Equity, Diversion, and Inclusion in Massage Therapy.

Our approach to Sexual Abuse Prevention is focused on education, new applicants and engaging with health system partners. Our new online jurisprudence program helps applicants understand their ethical and professional responsibilities with a dedicated module on sexual abuse prevention and boundaries.

In 2023, we convened our first Prevention of Sexual Abuse Symposium which brought together educators, employers, client advocates and other regulators to discuss the challenging issue of sexual abuse prevention.  After thoughtful discussion, multiple recommendations were put into action, and partners committed to continue to work on this important public safety issue.

On the engagement front, 2023 marked a return to CMTO Open Houses across the province after the disruption of the pandemic. We held four in-person Open Houses across Ontario, and an additional virtual event for educators in District 7.

I was very pleased to have the opportunity to meet with over 120 RMTs, answer questions, and hear feedback. I provided updates on the work of CMTO, the regulatory environment, and our future plans. I also learned from RMTs about the issues impacting Massage Therapy practice. In addition, we began a conversation with the profession about the collection of personal health information from clients before treatment. Thank you to everyone who contributed their views on this important topic, and we look forward to consulting more broadly with the profession over the coming year.

Moving forward, we will continue working on improving process efficiencies, with a focus on reducing our reliance on external investigators, and we are excited to begin working with our new EDI Committee.

As I reflect on the past year, I’m grateful to the Board for its clear strategic vision, and to the CMTO staff for all their work in moving this vision forward. Together, we have achieved key milestones, including the new jurisprudence module, and a progressive risk-based quality assurance program. I look forward to continuing to build on our 2023 achievements as we maintain our commitment to assuring the public that they can rely on quality and professional care from the RMTs of Ontario.


Maureen Boon, Registrar & CEO

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