Fitness to Practise

About the Fitness to Practise Process

The Fitness to Practise Committee conducts hearings into allegations related to a registered massage therapist’s (RMT/MT) capacity to practice Massage Therapy. These hearings are intended to ensure the public is protected from unsafe practice. If the Fitness to Practise Committee decides that an RMT is incapacitated, it may direct the Registrar to:

  • Revoke the RMT’s Certificate of Registration;
  • Suspend the RMT’s Certificate of Registration (generally until the RMT has demonstrated to the College that they have recovered);
  • Impose terms, conditions or limitations on the RMT’s Certificate of Registration for a specified or indefinite period of time.

The Committee may also specify criteria that must be satisfied for the removal of terms, conditions or limitations, or for a suspension to be lifted.

Fitness to Practise hearings are closed to the public. However, the College does post the results of each Fitness to Practise hearing on Find an RMT.


RMTs may appeal decisions of the Fitness to Practise Committee to Ontario’s Divisional Court. Filing an appeal does not automatically suspend the Fitness to Practise Committee’s order.

For more information on the Fitness to Practise hearings process, please contact

Fitness to Practise Committee Rules

The Fitness to Practise Committee Rules outline the Committee’s processes. The Rules are designed to bring formality, consistency and clarity to the hearing process, while allowing Fitness to Practise panels to retain procedural flexibility.

The forms appended to the Rules are available in a downloadable format below. Details on how and when to file these forms with the Hearings Office or provide them to the opposing party can be found in the Rules.


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