RMT Coming to Ontario from a Province that Regulates Massage Therapy

Pour de l’assistance ou des renseignements en français, veuillez contacter cmto@cmto.com

Step 1: Verify your credentials with CMTO

Under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), regulated professionals, including Massage Therapists, are eligible to have their credentials recognized from another Canadian province in which the profession is regulated. This means that if you are registered as a Massage Therapist in British Columbia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island, you may be eligible for registration with CMTO. To do so:

Step 2: Complete CMTO’s Jurisprudence Program

After meeting the requirements in Step 1, you must successfully complete CMTO’s Jurisprudence Program, a four-hour online course designed to provide applicants with information on:

  1. Legislation and Regulations;
  2. Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Standards of Practice; and
  3. Professionalism and Code of Ethics.

For access to the Jurisprudence Program, please email registrationservices@cmto.com.

Step 3: Complete your registration

After you have met the above requirements, it can take up to 10 business days for CMTO to provide information on the Initial Registration (IR) process. This e-mail will include information about application fees and a list of required documents that must be submitted with an application. It will also include a link to complete an online application.

To complete your registration, you must:

  • Submit a Vulnerable Sector Check;
  • Meet the requirements of CMTO’s Language Fluency Policy;
  • Demonstrate good character;
  • Provide proof of CPR certification in level A, B, C, HCP or BLS and First Aid in Emergency or Standard level;
  • Pay the registration fee;
  • Obtain professional liability insurance (PLI) as noted in CMTO’s By-Law No.10;
  • Submit a headshot; and
  • Submit government-issued ID confirming authority to practise in Canada.

Before logging in to complete the application, please gather the required documents listed on the Initial Registration Document Checklist. Submission of the application information and payment of the application fee is completed online. Detailed information about the Initial Registration process, required documents and fees can be found in the Initial Registration Application Guide.

Once the application is complete, it will be processed within 10 business days from the date it is received. If your application is incomplete or if more information is required, you will be contacted by e-mail within 10 business days. You may also check the status of your application through your dashboard once you have completed the steps above and been provided access to CMTO’s Applicant Portal.

A note about fees

CMTO’s registration year runs from January 1 – December 31, and renewal takes place from October 1 – December 31 for the following year. If you become registered after October 1, you must pay the application fee, the prorated fee for the remainder of that year and the full fee for the following year. Please also note:

  • If your registration is granted at any time up to and including October 31: You must renew your registration by November 1. If you don’t renew by this deadline, you will be charged a $100.00 late fee. If you do not renew and pay all required fees by December 31, your registration may be suspended for non-payment of fees.
  • If your registration is granted after November 1: Although no late fee applies, you must renew your registration by December 31, or your registration may be suspended for non-payment of fees.

If you are planning to apply for registration later in the year and cannot pay the prorated annual fee and the renewal fee for the following year, you may wish to consider applying for registration after January 1.

If you have any questions about Initial Registration, please contact registrationservices@cmto.com.

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