Strategic Plan

CMTO Strategic Plan 2023-2025

CMTO’s Strategic Goals will be a focus for the next three years. Each goal is supported by priorities that will help get us there.

CMTO 2023-2025 Strategic Plan

  • Collaborate with partners on prevention initiatives
  • Educate and engage students, educators, RMTs and the public on sexual abuse and boundaries
  • Embed sexual abuse prevention in CMTO programs
  • Optimize existing regulatory tools and Advocate for additional regulatory tools to prevent and respond to sexual abuse

  • Engage with the public, RMTs, educators, students, employers and health system partners, including an annual engagement survey to ensure CMTO understands diverse perspectives
  • Promote transparency through open consultations, performance metrics and new communications tools
  • Demonstrate accountability and the value of regulation through organizational reporting of results, public awareness, and open dialogue with the profession and stakeholders

  • Modernize governance through CMTO initiated reform and working with government
  • Support a healthy organizational culture that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of processes and committee decision-making by prioritizing the reduction of harm

  • Embed EDI into organizational programs and processes
  • Report publicly on EDI progress



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