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The requirements on this page apply to you if:

  • You graduated from a Massage Therapy program in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec or Nova Scotia;
  • Your program is not CMTCA-accredited; OR
  • You were educated outside of Canada.

Applicants educated outside Ontario may choose to apply to an Ontario Massage Therapy program for advanced standing. Each program will have its own process for evaluating previous education and granting credit for courses already completed. They will then inform you of the number of additional courses/credits that must be completed before you can be granted a diploma from the Ontario school. Applicants should contact education programs directly for information about their advanced standing process and options.

You may request that CMTO assesses your education for its equivalence with an Ontario program. This assessment process is called the Massage Therapy Education and Credential Assessment (MTECA).

CMTO’s MTECA process is currently under review. For more information, please contact registrationservices@cmto.com.

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