Annual Renewal

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Registration Renewal

There are two classes of registration:

  • General Certificate– required to practise Massage Therapy in Ontario.
  • Inactive Certificate– for Massage Therapists who are not currently practising Massage Therapy in Ontario but may return to practice in the future.

During renewal, RMTs who hold a General Certificate can change their class to Inactive for the renewal year. RMTs who hold an Inactive Certificate and wish to change their class to General, should contact Registration Services at for assistance.

2022 Fee Schedule and Renewal

In keeping with CMTO’s By-Law No. 7, Council approved an increase to registration fees for General Certificate holders of 1.5% (or $12) for 2022. There is no increase to the Inactive Certificate fee.

Renewal for 2022 must be completed on or before November 1, 2021. The renewal fees for 2022 are as follows:

  • General Certificate (GC) – $797.00
  • Inactive Certificate (IN) – $200.00

CMTO recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic created several challenges for health professionals, Ontarians, and health regulators such as CMTO. CMTO is sensitive to the impact that COVID-19 is having on RMTs, and this increase represents CMTO’s balancing of its operating and financial realities with the current challenges faced by RMTs and Ontarians.

The Work of CMTO During COVID-19

While CMTO has been operating remotely since March 17th, 2020, the work of the College has not stopped and in some cases, it has significantly increased.

All CMTO staff are working remotely and continue to provide the core regulatory programs required by the legislation. During COVID-19, CMTO responded to a high volume of questions and concerns about practice, followed up on reported concerns by the public, insurers and RMTs, planned for if/when the certification examinations could proceed safely, and provided information and guidance to registrants about how to safely transition back to and maintain their practice. In addition, complaints investigations and discipline hearings have continued to proceed virtually while the College has been working remotely.

CMTO will continue to provide guidance and support to RMTs in their Massage Therapy practice, and to maintain the programs required to meet our regulatory mandate to govern the profession in the public interest.

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