COVID-19 Highlights

Winter 2022

COVID-19 Precautions Remain in Place

As the province eases public health restrictions, CMTO is receiving questions about which precautions remain in effect. RMTs are reminded that at this time, they must continue to follow all Ministry of Health and CMTO requirements for practising during the pandemic, including active screening and RMT and client use of personal protective equipment (i.e., masks). CMTO will continue monitoring these developments and update RMTs as needed.

Self-Isolation Requirements and Returning to Work

The Ontario Ministry of Health released updated COVID-19 Testing & Case, Contact and Outbreak Management Interim Guidance in response to the Omicron surge. RMTs are encouraged to review this document to understand their isolation requirements based on symptoms, exposure, vaccination status, practice setting and/or client population. The document contains three flow charts that can help RMTs understand what to do if they are symptomatic or have been exposed to COVID-19.


RMTs are eligible for a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccination. CMTO strongly encourages COVID-19 vaccination for all RMTs as an extension of RMTs’ ethical obligation to serve clients’ best interests and protect them from harm.

Please visit CMTO’s COVID-19 webpage to review responses to Frequently Asked Questions.

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