Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics and accompanying glossary of terms are resources to support Massage Therapists in understanding and applying the ethical principles and values which are foundational to the practice of the profession.

As regulated health professionals, Massage Therapists must ensure they maintain the public’s confidence in the profession and provide the highest level of safe, ethical and quality Massage Therapy care. This is accomplished by exercising professional judgement and integrity.

CMTO’s Code of Ethics is grounded in four ethical principles:

  • Benefit Clients and Serve Their Best Interests
  • Treat all Clients with Respect and Dignity
  • Not Harm Clients
  • Be Responsible and Accountable

Code of Ethics (EN)

Code of Ethics Glossary of Terms (EN)

Code de déontologie (FR)

Code de déontologie – Glossaire de termes (FR)