Update #3 on Inter-jurisdictional Competency Profile

April 30th, May 1st and May 2nd Meetings in Victoria British Columbia:

The Consortium of Massage Therapy Regulators for Inter-jurisdictional Competency Development (British Columbia, Newfoundland & Labrador and Ontario) met for the third and final time in this phase of the project. Friday and Sunday meetings were for the Consortium members and Saturday May 1st was an open session with invited representatives from Associations and Educator Groups.

The May 1st meeting began with an overview of the project and its mandate. This has set the framework in which the Consortium has functioned. The draft Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile was shared with all present. Results of the validation survey were presented and the overwhelming similarity in statistical responses from jurisdiction to jurisdiction was noted. With the statistical data strongly supporting the content of the competencies, the participants of the meeting were asked to provide input and feedback to the development team to be incorporated in the final document.

Expression of Appreciation:

The members of the Consortium would like to take this opportunity to thank Association and Educator participants for their support. The thoughtful, reflective and honest feedback was received with thanks and formed the basis of revisions made to the document the following day.

In addition, the Consortium would like to thank the members of the three regulated jurisdictions for taking the time to complete the validation survey. The response was significant and statistically valid. Approximately 21% of BC members responded with 48% in NL and 25% in ON. The survey indicates that as a profession, we are very similar in the three jurisdictions.

Final Report and Next Steps:

A proposed Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile for Massage Therapists has been finalized. To accompany the Profile, a Report and Recommendations document has been prepared which will be forwarded to each of the participating regulatory colleges. The Final Competency document will be presented to the two boards (BC and NL) and one Council (ON). The team recommends that the regulators:

1. each endorse, and approve, the competency profile as a common entry-to-practice standard.

2. continue collaborative work to develop performance indicators for the practice competencies, for implementation through the process of educational program approval and the registration examinations.