Update #2 on Inter-jurisdictional Competency Profile

November Meeting:

The work of the Consortium of Massage Therapy Regulators on inter-jurisdictional competencies continued in Toronto November 27th to 29th. The project is on track and on schedule. The competency statements were refined and organized in a conceptual outline which clustered components in a user friendly manner. The issues of complexity and entry level proficiency were dealt with and a working framework was created.

Next Step:

The validation survey will be made available for the month of March, on line, through the three regulatory colleges to all active registrants. The purpose of the survey is to obtain a broad base of input in three distinct areas based upon the job task statements. Respondents will be asked to indicate the importance, the frequency of use and if the job task is an expectation at entry to practice level. The three regulatory colleges will be looking at incentives for participants who complete the entire survey. The Consortium needs as much input as possible from members. The data will be collected assuring participant privacy and confidentiality and presented as aggregate information to the working group.

May Meeting:

The Consortium will meet in British Columbia April 30th, May 1st and 2nd. Invitations will be sent to Associations of Schools and Professional Associations to send a maximum of two representatives each to attend the open session on Saturday May 2nd. This will facilitate a fulsome discussion on the information collected in the validation survey.

Final Report:

The final report on this project will be submitted to the two regulatory boards and one Council in May. Subject to the regulatory bodies’ acceptance of the report and recommendations, it is the intent of the Consortium to approach Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for financial support to move on to the next phase of developing Performance Indicators (for assessment) and eventually Curriculum Outcomes. As the process continues, more involvement will be sought by key stakeholders in this process.