Thank You For Your Feedback on CMTO’s Proposed Quality Assurance Regulation Amendments…Here is What You Said!

Between February and April 2017, registrants and other stakeholders provided feedback on the proposed Quality Assurance (QA) Regulation amendments which will guide the development of the new QA Program. CMTO received more than 800 responses, and more than 81% were in favour of the changes. Respondents praised the clearer, easier to understand language of the proposed amendments and appreciated that the changes would allow for modernization of the QA Program and assessment tools.

Some registrants expressed concern about the permission that the regulations would grant to interview or survey clients and/or co-workers as part of the Peer Assessment process.

While there are a number of ways to incorporate client/co-worker feedback into the QA Program; CMTO is currently considering a feedback survey that would be provided by the Massage Therapist to clients and/or co-workers of their choice. This multisource (or 360 degree) feedback survey process is a commonly used assessment tool which obtains information about actual service provision. Surveys are distributed to those in various relationships with the Massage Therapist. Clients and/or co-worker participation is both voluntary and anonymous. This is one option CMTO is considering for the future QA program and the College will carefully consider its options to implementing any new assessment tool. The proposed QA Regulation amendments would allow CMTO to consider the use of a feedback survey process should it be selected as a valid and reliable way to get important and direct feedback from those engaged in day-to-day service provision by a registrant.

On May 15, 2017, CMTO’s Council considered the feedback received on the QA Regulation amendments and voted unanimously in favour to submit the changes to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for consideration. We will notify you when the regulation is approved and we will continue to provide you updates on the new QA Program.