SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – 2013/2014 MTRF Grant Recipients

The MTRF 2013/2014 competition has been completed. On behalf of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and IN-CAM Research Network, we are very pleased to announce the grant recipients of the 2013/2014 MTRF grants.

Congratulations to:

Dr. Greg Wells & Gillian White (University of Toronto)

The effect of massage therapy on inflammatory mediators in skeletal muscle employed at rest and following high-intensity intermittent sprint exercise

Grant Amount:  $20, 000

Project Summary: Massage is used as a recovery tool by athletes to help muscles heal from a hard workout and perform better, faster. Although it is a commonly used therapy, we still do not know a) how effective it is b) how it is helping recovery. We will measure performance and inflammatory markers to investigate whether inflammation is the primary muscular factor affected by massage to promote recovery from hard exercise.


Dr. Anne Leis & Donelda Gowan-Moody (University of Saskatchewan)

Development of a taxonomy of adverse events in massage therapy: a modified Delphi consensus study.

Grant Amount: $19,479.00

Project Summary: While both use and evidence of the benefits of massage therapy is growing, the issue of safety has been understudied. This study will ask experts in the regulation of massage therapy in Canada to share their opinions about what harm can come from massage therapy treatment. Their agreed upon definitions and descriptions will be helpful for collecting information about adverse or negative events in massage therapy that have happened or may happen in the future.

Information about these two projects and past grant recipients will be available on the CMTO website by end of May 2014.

Stay tuned! The 2014/2015 MTRF competition will be announced in September 2014