Notice to Stakeholders

Proposed Increase to the Fees Charged for the Multiple Choice (MCQ) Portion of the Certification Examination

The College is proposing amendments to:

By-Law No. 7 – Fees for Registration, Examination, and Other Activities of the College.

The fee for the MCQ (multiple choice examination) portion of the certification examination which assesses the entry-to-practice competency of candidates seeking registration with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario has not been raised since 2005. The fee is: $225.

Due to the need for additional security measures, including the establishment of a testing centre in Toronto to protect the integrity of the MCQ, the expenses relating to the administration of the MCQ now exceed the revenue received through the MCQ fees. The position of Council has always been that the certification examinations should operate on a cost recovery basis and not be subsidized by current registrants of the College.

As a result, Council is proposing to amend By-Law No. 7 to increase the MCQ fee from $250 to $500.00. The OSCE fee is not affected by this proposal and will remain at $700.00.

(PROPOSED) Examination Fees

9. The fee to take the written certification examination of the College initially and every subsequent time shall be $500.00.

The link to the survey is:

The responses received will be tabulated and presented to Council for its consideration at its meeting on September 16, 2013. If approved, the amendment will take effect on January 1, 2014 and will not apply to candidates who are scheduled to take in the MCQ in 2013.


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