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Election Results for District 3 and 5

As per By-law #2, the ballots received for the election in District 5 and the by-election in District 3 were counted yesterday, January 11, 2012.

Results of the 2010 Credibility Survey

As part of the strategic plan for the profession, the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, the Heads of Massage Therapy Programs in Community Colleges, the Ontario Council of Private … Read More

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario Zero Tolerance Policy

The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario is the governing body for Ontario’s Registered Massage Therapists. Only registered members of the College are entitled to hold themselves out as Registered Massage Therapists or to use the designation R.M.T. or MT.

Election Results District 9

In accordance with By-law 2, “The Election of Members to the Council”, Lesley Hargreaves RMT of District 9 has been elected to Council, by acclamation.

Election Results District 6

In accordance with By‐Law No. 2, “The Election of Members to the Council”, Christopher Semenuk, RMT of District 6 has been elected to Council.

Election Results District 1

The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario would like to announce the acclamation of Karen Sosnowski, RMT as the professional member for Council in District 1. Karen will serve a three-year term commencing with the first regular Council meeting in 2011 (February 1, 2011) and ending prior to the commencement of the first Council meeting in 2014.

Election Results District 2

A By-Election was held in District 2 on July 20, 2010 to replace Council Member, Susan Brickell, RMT who resigned in April of 2010. Dave Janveau, RMT was elected. His term on Council will run until the next regular election for that District in January 2012.

Update #4 on Inter-jurisdictional Competency Profile

A Look Back: Following the April/May meeting of the Consortium of Massage Therapy Regulators for Inter-jurisdictional Competency development, a final document consisting of an Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile for Massage Therapists … Read More

Aligning the Association with the Profession: The OMTA Becomes the RMTAO

For over 70 years, the OMTA has been a source of information and education for, and has advocated in the interests of the massage therapy profession in Ontario. Over this time, we have seen the profession grow both in its size and stature within Ontario. We continue our focus in these areas as part of our commitment to advancing the profession and improving the health of Ontarians.