OMTA Flex Membership

This communication is being sent by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario on behalf of the principle groups representing the key interests of the Registered Massage Therapists: the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, the Ontario Council of Private Massage Therapy Colleges, the Heads of Massage Therapy in Community Colleges and the Ontario Massage Therapist Association.

2009 is an exciting time in the history of our profession. Our four organizations have come together as a ‘Consortium’ of mutual interests to develop a strategic plan and communications platform to build the image of the profession in the eyes of the public, other healthcare practitioners, commercial interests and the government.

The Strategic Plan, A Profession at its Crossroads, which was released in May 2009 provides a commitment to one profession, one vision, one strategic plan and one structure. We share a united commitment to ensure that the profession is seen by its stakeholders as valued professionals delivering compassionate care, to optimize the health of Ontarians for life.

Changing the fortunes of the profession for the better means that all of us need to make changes to the way we have been working and presenting ourselves.

The OMTA, as part of the planning process, has spent much time reviewing and reflecting upon the key information that it has learned from research conducted with the profession over the past five years. The OMTA has made a commitment to uniting the profession and to becoming stronger and a more effective advocate. To do this means that the OMTA needs to be built and supported by the profession – we bring strength in numbers.

We, the members of the Consortium, are writing today to encourage all members of the profession to join the OMTA this fall as part of the OMTA membership drive. The OMTA has undertaken a fundamental redesign of membership to enhance value. We are proud to say that the OMTA is now offering a new Flex-membership package that allows individuals to customize their membership to their specific professional and budgetary needs.

The OMTA is also very proud to announce that it is now able to offer members of the profession Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) at the incredible rate of $99 plus tax.

The member organizations of the Consortium hope that this new Flex-membership approach, with membership starting at $88.25 (plus tax) and this new, lower cost PLI program, will meet your needs and gain your support. We are asking that you help unite this profession by supporting your professional association through membership.

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W. Peter Roach, RMT President College of Massage Therapists of Ontario

Brian Dormer, RMT Chair Heads of Massage TherapyBrandy John, RMT Vice-President Treasurer Ontario Council of Private Massage Therapy Colleges

Amanda Baskwill, RMT Chair Ontario Massage Therapist Association