In Memorium Wendy Hunter RMT

CMTO wishes to acknowledge the outstanding service to the public of Ontario by Wendy Hunter, RMT, who passed away on Friday March 28, 2014.  Wendy was elected to Council from District 4 in 2003 and served two terms (2003 – 2010). She served as Chair of the Complaints Committee, served on the Executive Committee, and became  President of the College  in 2008.

A strong advocate of reflective practice, Wendy introduced the concept of a reflective writing exercise as part of a disposition in the complaints process to help registrants gain insight into their conduct and take steps to remediate it. Wendy led the Complaints panels with fairness and integrity. During her term as President, Wendy led the College through some courageous strategic planning and visioning for the future. Trained as a Nurse and a Paramedic, as well as a Massage Therapist, Wendy taught all who participated in the planning process with her to value Massage Therapy as an important and necessary part of healthcare and to regard the  “laying on of hands” not just as a therapeutic intervention, but as a privilege and an invitation to witness another’s journey through the healing process.    

After her time on Council, Wendy continued to provide invaluable leadership on behalf of CMTO on a project which she commenced while serving on Council. She helped to develop the Interjurisdictional Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators with British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador. This multi-year project, completed with a grant from the Government of Canada, marked the achievement of long standing goal which paves the way for regulation of Massage Therapy across Canada.