By-Law Amendments

By-Laws Effective July 1, 2015

At its May 25, 2015 meeting, Council approved the following by-laws, effective July 1, 2015.  Council greatly appreciates those registrants and other stakeholders who took the time to review the proposed by-laws and submit their comments.

By-law No. 2 – Election of Members to Council;
By-law No. 7 – Fees for Registration, Examinations, and Other Activities of the College; Including the Miscellaneous Fee Schedule;
By-law No. 10 – Professional Liability Insurance; and
By-law No. 12 – Professional Corporation.



Some Fee Reductions

Registrants will be pleased to know that some fees relating to renewal have been decreased.

Fee Category Old Fee New Fee
Late Fee (for annual renewal) $200 $100
Reinstatement Fee (for annual renewal) $600 $300
Certification of Authorization – Initial Fee $400 $200
Certificate of Authorization – Renewal Fee $400 $200


2016 Annual Renewal Fees

Amendments were also made to the criteria for the annual increase in renewal fees.  Prior to implementation of these by-laws, Council were obligated to commit to an annual fee increase equivalent to the inflation rate. The new by-laws allow Council some discretion in its obligation to increase the fee.  Therefore, the annual renewal fee for 2015 will only be increased by $1.00. The 2016 fee will be $579 for a general certificate of registration and $176 for an inactive certificate of registration.


Increase to Amount of Professional Liability Insurance Required

The amount of professional liability insurance required to hold a general certificate of registration has been increased. At a minimum, coverage must include $2,000,000 per occurrence, $5,000,000 in the aggregate per year; and a deductible of not more than $5,000. Most current policies already provide for this amount. However, we suggest that you check your policy to ensure that you will meet this requirement for the 2016 renewal.

We encourage all registrants to familiarize themselves with the by-laws.

Please note once all of the by-laws are completed, we will post all of them in French.