Important Information for Registrants regarding the Ebola Virus

According to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC), there have been no reported cases of the Ebola virus in Canada to date. However, as regulated health professionals, it is each registrant’s responsibility to stay current on all MOHLTC and Public Health Ontario (PHO) bulletins regarding potential public health issues facing Ontarians.

The MOHLTC and PHO have provided a number of excellent resources for the public of Ontario and regulated health professionals on the Ebola outbreak. These resources include information on the signs and symptoms, and specific guidelines for appropriate preparedness.

To review the MOHLTC directive regarding appropriate preparedness for specific health facilities, including point of care risk assessments and procedures around personal protective equipment, please click here.

For the MOHLTC public information bulletin for emergency management including statistics on the total number of suspected and confirmed Ebola cases per region, and additional links to other organizations such as the Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) please visit:

The PHO website has  general information regarding the Ebola virus, including resources on signs and symptoms, methods of transmission, and related links to additional organizations, please click here.

Finally, the College has three separate Standards of Practice which outline the necessary steps to take for risk identification and management for outbreak of infectious diseases.

Communication/Public Health Standards: