Fraud in Massage Therapy


The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario is the governing body for Ontario’s Registered Massage Therapists. Only registered members of the College are entitled to hold themselves out as Registered Massage Therapists, Massage Therapists or to use the designation RMT.

The College is dedicated to excellence in protecting the public, serving its members and promoting the highest possible quality of the practice of Massage Therapy.

The College is aware of the issue of fraud in connection with the provision of Massage Therapy services as was highlighted in recent media reports. While the College cannot comment on any individual investigation or proceeding, the fact that there are unscrupulous individuals who are prepared to deceive Ontarians by misrepresenting their own qualifications, misusing the qualifications of registered members and/or the treatments they purport to provide, regrettably comes as no surprise.

“The College continues to utilize all resources at its disposal to combat such activities, protect the integrity of the profession, and thereby protect Ontarians and ensure that to the best of its ability, the College is working to maximize the quality of Massage Therapy services they receive,” states the Registrar & Executive Director.

The College is one of many Colleges charged with the regulation of registered health professionals in Ontario. Its jurisdiction and authority is defined by law. The Regulated Health Professions Act and the Massage Therapy Act and the Schedules and Regulations under those statutes specify the College’s responsibilities, duties and authority. The College has powers to discipline its members. Similarly, it has the ability to apply to the Superior Court (among other things) to seek injunctive orders preventing unauthorized practice by non-members and the fraudulent use of the restricted title, Registered Massage Therapist, Massage Therapist and (RMT).

“Where the College obtains sufficient evidence respecting fraud, including fraud on insurance companies and other benefits providers, it vigorously works to address those situations to the fullest extent of its statutory authority and its resources,” said the Registrar & Executive Director.

The major insurance companies and other benefits providers operating in Ontario are among the College’s strongest partners in identifying and combating this fraud, and the College values its relationship with all affected stakeholders, including the Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association, insurance companies and other benefits providers, the members of the College and the public in its continuing and concerted efforts in this regard.

The College welcomes inquiries and urges all members of the public to be vigilant and not to hesitate to ask questions of their service provider about his or her qualifications, his or her status as an RMT and/or any treatments provided.

Through its efforts to guide, discipline and educate the members of the profession, and to ensure, to the best of its abilities that only those qualified to hold themselves out as Registered Massage Therapists are doing so, the College continues to strive to provide Ontarians with Massage Therapy treatments in a safe and ethical manner.

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