Colleges Exploring Clinic Regulation in Ontario

As a Registered Massage Therapist, you are held to high standards of practice, including ethics and competency.

While you are subject to strict rules, is the same true for your employer?  What can you do if you are pressured into inappropriate billing, having support staff provide services that you should be providing, or booking more services than the patient requires?  What can you do if your employer has not implemented appropriate infection control measures?   

Currently, there is an opportunity to strengthen clinic oversight in Ontario, as the present regime results in regulated health professionals in clinics being put in a position that could compromise the quality of care offered to their patients.

The following Health Regulatory Colleges are working to improve clinic oversight in Ontario:

  • The College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario;
  • College of Chiropodists of Ontario;
  • College of Chiropractors of Ontario;
  • College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario;
  • College of Massage Therapists of Ontario;
  • Transitional Council of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario;
  • College of Kinesiologists of Ontario;
  • College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario; and
  • College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

The colleges are hopeful that this project will allow Registered Massage Therapists and other health professionals to feel comfortable that their employers will be held to standards – just as they are themselves.  The process of changing the current situation will take time, and is not entirely within our control.  At this stage we are starting the conversation with our members and other stakeholders, and will consult with you more formally over the coming months.