College of Massage Therapists of Ontario Zero Tolerance Policy

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario
Contact: Corinne Flitton, Acting Registrar & Executive Director
Phone: 416-489-2626


College of Massage Therapists of Ontario Zero Tolerance Policy

The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario is the governing body for Ontario’s Registered Massage Therapists. Only registered members of the College are entitled to hold themselves out as Registered Massage Therapists or to use the designation R.M.T. or MT.

The College is one of 21 health regulatory Colleges charged with the regulation of registered health professionals in Ontario. Its jurisdiction and authority is defined by law – the Regulated Health Professions Act and the Massage Therapy Act and the Schedules and Regulations under those statutes specify the College’s objects, duties and authority. The College has powers to discipline its members.

The College of Massage Therapist of Ontario recognizes the seriousness and extent of harm that sexual abuse and other forms of abuse cause the client and others related to the client and therefore supports zero tolerance of any form of abuse: verbal, physical, emotional, financial or sexual, by a Massage Therapist to ensure Massage Therapists understand that abuse in any form is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario is aware of the media release by the Peel Regional Police Service dated August 10, 2011 which indicates Mr. Watana Chowattawakul, RMT has been charged with sexual abuse of a client.

While the College is not currently in a position to comment regarding Mr. Watana Chowattawakul, RMT the College continues to utilize all resources at its disposal to educate against and penalize such behaviour through administration of an investigation and discipline process, thereby protecting the interests of Ontarians to the best of its ability.

If any member of the public has a concern about the care they receive from a Massage Therapist they can contact the College in confidence. The College welcomes inquiries and urges all members of the public to be vigilant and not to hesitate to ask questions of their care provider about his or her qualifications, his or her status as an R.M.T. and/or any treatments provided. The complete and current register of Registered Massage Therapists in Ontario can be accessed through the College’s website at to verify the status of practitioners.

For questions, please call Corinne Flitton, Acting Registrar & Executive Director at: 416-489-2626.