Changes to the RHPA Regarding Public Register

The College has been updating its member database to comply with changes that come into effect on June 4 2009 to the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 and the College’s Public Register By-Law. As part of this update, you would have been asked last fall to provide new or updated information for data accuracy when renewing your membership. As of June 4, the additional information that will be available on the website includes:

  • Terms, conditions and limitations that are in effect on each certificate of registration  A notation of every matter that has been referred to the Discipline Committee for professional misconduct
  • The result, including a synopsis of the decision of every disciplinary and incapacity proceeding unless there is no finding
  • A notation of every finding of professional negligence or malpractice unless the finding i sreversed on appeal
  • A notation of every revocation or suspension of a certificate of registration  Where a discipline decision is under appeal, a notation that it is under appeal  A notation of the resignation and agreement where a member resigns during or as a result of a complaint proceeding