CEU Online Reporting Now Available to All Registrants

As part of CMTO’s continued effort to automate registrants’ Professional Portfolios, we are pleased to announce that all registrants now have the ability to record their CEUs as they are earned through each registrant’s online profile.

What does this mean for registrants?

Having the ability to record CEUs as they are earned will help streamline the reporting process and assist registrants in organizing their portfolio.

How does this work?

When logging into a Registrant Profile, the CEU tab will be activated. The registrant’s current CEU cycle will appear at the top of the chart. To add a new activity to this record, the registrant can click on ‘View/Edit.’

What happens if the CEU tab is not activated?

If a registrant is unable to open the CEU reporting tab, this means that he or she has not started a CEU cycle. To check CEU cycle dates, go here. (November 1, after a registrant’s initial registration date, is the start date.) Once the cycle has started, the CEU tab will be automatically activated.

How will registrants know when the cycle is over and it’s time to report?

Once the CEU cycle is complete (October 31), the College will send an email notification in early November. This notification will indicate that CEU reporting is due by December 31.

Do CEU cycles change?

No. This change only affects the way registrants can record and submit CEUs to the College. All CEU cycles are still three years, starting the November 1 after each registrant’s initial registration date, and ending on October 31.

For further CEU reporting instructions, registrants can view the video tutorial by logging in to their Registrant Profile and clicking on the CEU tab, here.

TouchPoint Reporting Tool

Along with online CEU reporting, registrants are now able to record their responses to the mandatory CEU articles from the TouchPoint newsletter through their Registrant Profile.

For further information, please contact the Professional Practice Department at professionalpractice@cmto.com.