Attention RMTS that treat patients injured in automobile collision

HCAI (“Health Claims for Auto Insurance”) is an electronic platform for the transmission of key claims forms between health professionals and auto insurance companies. HCAI was operational between April 2007 and March 2008, but it had to be decommissioned due to system problems. Since then, much work has been undertaken to ensure that the new HCAI system will meet the demands of users now and into the future—HCAI is now live and users of the program are pleased with the results. If your practice was enrolled previously, it is a simple matter to re-enrol.

So far, we have received enrolment forms from almost 200 health care facilities (businesses). By the end of November, over 140 facilities will be using HCAI and will appear on the FSCO HCAI Participant list – It is anticipated that in early 2010, it will be mandatory for all health care facilities (businesses/clinics/practices) to be registered with HCAI.

We encourage any Registered Massage Therapist who operates a business that services persons injured in automobile collisions to become familiar with HCAI and determine if they should enrol.

For further information regarding HCAI, please visit: