Technical Issues

May 28, 2020

CMTO has been experiencing technical issues with our website. These issues impacted our ability to provide Massage Therapists (RMTs) with information and guidance about the gradual restart of healthcare services and updated practice guidance for RMTs.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Please be assured we continue to investigate the issues and hope to have them resolved as soon as possible.

For updated information and guidance on COVID-19 and return to Massage Therapy practice, please review our COVID-19 webpage.

If you are a client or employer looking for information about an RMT, please view our public register.

If you have questions about Massage Therapy and COVID-19, please contact our Practice Specialist. This service is available to RMTs, clients & anyone else who has questions at or 416.489.2626/ 1.800.465.1933 ext 4124.