Status Change

Changing Class of Registration

Registered Massage Therapists (“RMTs” / “MTs”) in Ontario belong to one of two classes or types of registration: they may hold a General Certificate of Registration, or an Inactive Certificate of Registration. An RMT must hold a General Certificate in order to practice Massage Therapy. Registrants with an Inactive Certificate are not authorized to practise Massage Therapy. Registrants may choose to hold an Inactive Certificate if they are not currently practising (e.g. they are on leave) but expect to return to practice at a later date.

Class Change – General Certificate to Inactive Certificate

General Certificate holders may move to an Inactive Certificate by:

  • Completing a Change Request in their online registrant portal.
  • Renewing as Inactive when they complete their annual online renewal form (note: the Inactive status will be effective as of January 1st of the renewal year). Please note that the General Certificate fee is paid for the full calendar year; partial refunds cannot be issued during the year due to a move to an Inactive certificate.

Class Change – Inactive Certificate to General Certificate

Inactive Certificate holders are eligible to move to a General Certificate and resume practising Massage Therapy if they:

  • Have provided a minimum of 500 hours of direct client care within the Scope of Practice of Massage Therapy within the previous three years in a regulated Canadian jurisdiction where they were registered as a Massage Therapist at the time the care was provided, or they have completed a CMTO Refresher Course in the previous 15 months;
  • Provide evidence of having the required Professional Liability Insurance;
  • Pay the balance of the annual General Certificate fee (the General fee less than the Inactive fee already paid for the year).

Please note that the College does not prorate this fee according to the date of your application.