Safety and Risk Management (Standard)

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Date Approved: February 9, 2021

Standard of Practice: Safety and Risk Management
(see also Infection Prevention and Control)


Bolded terms below are found in the Glossary.

Client Outcome

The client receives care that is delivered as safely as possible.

Registered Massage Therapist Outcome

The Registered Massage Therapist (RMT/MT) takes preventative and risk management measures to provide safe care.


The practice setting must be:

  1. Maintained in a safe and sanitary manner.
  2. Cleaned and disinfected regularly, including all equipment.
  3. Appropriately lit and arranged to allow sufficient physical/personal privacy and safety for each client.
  4. Document maintenance of the practice setting in an equipment service record or log.
  5. Adhere to current health and safety government orders and directives, legislation and CMTO guidance.[1]
  6. Handle any hazardous materials safely and in compliance with established protocols and practices, including the requirements of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS).
  7. Participate in training and/or certification and support activities related to safety and risk management as required and/or appropriate for the practice setting.
  8. Recognize and manage situations that place clients, themselves, other RMTs, clinic staff and other healthcare professionals at risk.
  9. Respond effectively to safety incidents to minimize harm to clients, document them and disclose to relevant authorities to prevent future adverse events.
  10. Comply with the Standard of Practice: Draping and Physical Privacy in order to drape clients effectively for the client’s physical privacy and safety.

Relevant Legislation and Regulation

Related Career-Span Competencies (CSCs)

[1]In the case of differences in requirements, RMTs must adhere to the most restrictive or stringent requirements.


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