Fees and Billing (Standard)

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Date Approved: February 9, 2021

Standard of Practice: Fees and Billing


Bolded terms below are found in the Glossary.

Client Outcome

The client is charged reasonable fees that are fair and explained to them before receiving care.

Registered Massage Therapist Outcome

The Registered Massage Therapist (RMT/MT) charges fees that are fair and equitable, reasonable, transparent, and communicated to the client.


The RMT must:

  1. Keep a financial record for each client that contains the particulars of the services provided, the fees charged and a copy of the receipt issued to the client.
  2. Not submit an account or charge for services that the RMT knows is false or misleading.
  3. Not sell or assign any debt owed for professional services to a third party (for example, a collection agency). This does not include paying for services with credit cards.
  4. Make any penalties for missing or cancelling appointments public and known to the client in advance of their first appointment and inform the client of any changes to the policy thereafter.

Fees must:

  1. Be communicated to the client prior to providing services.
  2. Be itemized on a receipt, if requested by the client or a person or agency paying for the services.
  3. Be posted in a visible location in the practice setting.
  4. Not differ from the posted fee without noting the rationale and difference in the client’s health record, and without the prior acceptance of the client.
  5. Not be excessive or unreasonable.
  6. Not be reduced for prompt payment.

Receipts for Massage Therapy (whether in paper or electronic form) must:

  1. Include at a minimum:
    • date of appointment;
    • name of client;
    • name of the RMT;
    • amount of the transaction;
    • signature and registration number of the RMT; and
    • HST number (if applicable).
  2. Only indicate “Massage Therapy treatment” and include the RMT’s registrant number for products and services that are within the Scope of Practice of Massage Therapy. Receipts for products and services outside the Scope of Practice of Massage Therapy must indicate the product or service provided and must not refer to Massage Therapy.
  3. When a gift certificate is purchased, include the description of the service as “Gift Certificate” and the dollar amount paid on the receipt. When the gift certificate is redeemed, a receipt for the dollar amount of the gift certificate cannot be issued. If the recipient wishes to receive a receipt, then the dollar amount listed must be “gift certificate redeemed” with no dollar amount given.

Relevant Legislation and Regulation

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