Collaboration and Professional Relationships (Standard)

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Date Approved: February 9, 2021

Standard of Practice: Collaboration and Professional Relationships


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Client Outcome

The client understands that the RMT will work with others as required to provide the best care to meet the needs of the client.

Registered Massage Therapist Outcome

 The Registered Massage Therapist (RMT/MT) practises in collaboration with clients, other healthcare professionals and others involved in the client’s care to provide safe, effective and ethical care.


The RMT must:

  1. Take reasonable steps to understand what other care the client is receiving and ensure the Massage Therapy treatment plan complements the care provided by others within the client’s circle of care.
  2. Document significant collaboration and professional relationships in a client’s health record relevant to the proposed treatment plan, including:
    1. reports received for examinations, tests, consultations or treatments; and
    2. the details of every referral made.
  3. Allow others within the client’s circle of care to access to the client’s health record where such access is reasonably necessary for the provision of healthcare, unless the client has expressly instructed the RMT not to provide such access.
  4. Work to resolve any problems or conflicts that may arise between the RMT and those involved in the client’s care that could interfere with the delivery of safe, effective and ethical care. Document these concerns and the steps taken to resolve them.
  5. Refer the client to another RMT, healthcare professional or person whose expertise can best address the client’s needs (when appropriate and with the client’s consent).
  6. Protect the client’s privacy and confidentiality in accordance with the Standard of Practice: Privacy & Confidentiality.

Relevant Legislation and Regulation

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