Risk-Based Assessments

Risk-Based Assessment is a new part of STRiVE – CMTO’s Quality Assurance Program, launched in 2023. Risk-Based Assessment is designed to engage and enable RMTs in demonstrating how they meet CMTO’s Standards of Practice and Regulations.

Two Components of Risk-based Assessment

  1. Practice Profile
  2. Practice Assessment

Both components focus on four select Standards of Practice that change each year.

Practice Profile

Practice Profile is an online screening assessment with two sections that all RMTs are required to complete annually. The two sections are:

  1. Self-Inventory of Risks and Supports; and
  2. Standards of Practice Quiz.

In the first section, the RMT responds to questions about their risks and supports to competence. In the Self-Inventory of Risks and Supports, any risk and support information is for personal use only.

In the second section, the RMT answers questions about select Standards of Practice. For the Standards of Practice Quiz, responses to questions are scored automatically. Answers and explanations are provided immediately upon submission.

Practice Assessment

While each RMT is required to complete Practice Profile, a small proportion will be required to complete the Practice Assessment.

Designed as a supportive process, Practice Assessment allows RMTs to demonstrate how they meet the Standards of Practice and receive meaningful feedback.

The Practice Assessment has two sections:

  1. Pre-Interview Assignment; and
  2. Semi-Structured Interview.

The Practice Assessment process steps are as follows:

  • The Practice Assessment process begins with the RMT completing a Pre-Interview Assignment.
  • The Assessment Advisor evaluates the Pre-Interview Assignment submission.
  • The content from the Pre-Interview Assignment informs which topics are chosen for the Semi-Structured Interview.
  • The RMT and Assessment Advisor connect at a pre-scheduled time for a Semi-Structured Interview.
  • The Assessment Advisor prepares an Assessment Report that includes an overall rating, comments on the RMT’s performance and suggested next steps, which are later shared with the RMT.

The entire Practice Assessment process takes about two hours to complete.

How to Prepare

To set yourself up for success, the RMT is encouraged to review the four select Standards of Practice and corresponding Standard Spotlights identified for the year.

Overall Risk-based Assessment Process

  • Each year, RMTs complete Practice Profile.
  • An RMT with a history of risk, such as a complaint, and/or underperformance on the Standards of Practice Quiz may be selected for a Practice Assessment.
  • If the RMT does not demonstrate competence during the Practice Assessment, a second opportunity is provided.
  • An RMT who is not successful in the second Practice Assessment may be referred to the Quality Assurance Committee for further review.

Required Participation in a Practice Assessment

Decisions for Practice Assessment are based on several factors.

The criteria was developed using an evidence-informed process that considers an RMT’s overall risk.

Underperformance on Standards of Practice Quiz section of Practice Profile Behavioural History Practice Features
  • Based on annual RMT quiz performance
  • Weaker performance compared to most RMTs in Practice Profile Section 2: Standards of Practice Quiz
  • Based on CMTO data and Registration history
  • Pattern of behavioural history in the past three years, which may include professional conduct matters, lapses in or late registration, insurance, or STRiVE non-compliance
  • Based on CMTO Registration history
  • Multiple practice risks over the past three years, including new graduate status, practice setting, changes in registration status, or weekly hours

Quality Assurance Committee Review

If the outcome of the second Practice Assessment is unsuccessful, the matter will be reviewed by the Quality Assurance Committee. The Committee may decide to prescribe remedial steps and strategies to help the RMT address any knowledge gaps.

If you have further questions, please contact us at strive@cmto.com.

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