Certificate of Registration


Wall certificates and photo identification cards are issued by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (“the College”) to College members to provide them with proof of their registration with the College. For this reason, these documents must be handled in a safe and secure manner by both the member and the College to prevent their unauthorized use by individuals not registered with the College.


  1. Only one wall certificate and photo ID card will be issued to each registrant and they remain the property of the College.
  2. The wall certificate and photo ID card may not be transferred, photocopied, or duplicated in any manner.
  3. A Massage Therapist may not rent or sell the certificate of registration or the corresponding registration number to anyone for any purpose. The registration number is to be used to verify the work performed only by the Massage Therapist to whom it is assigned.
  4. The wall certificate and photo ID card must be returned to the College when a member’s registration is suspended or is revoked. Failing to return a wall certificate and photo ID card to the College when requested constitutes professional misconduct pursuant to Section 26, paragraph 23 of the professional Misconduct Regulations, Ontario Regulation 544/94 as amended.
  5. If a member holds an Inactive Certificate of Registration, he/she may not display it in a place of business.
  6. If a retiring member wishes to keep the certificate and/or ID card, the member must notify the College in writing of this request when the wall certificate and photo ID are returned. The College will print RETIRED on both documents and will also add to the certificate the dates the member was registered and will seal this information on the certificate.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Massage Therapist to protect his/her wall certificate, photo ID card and registration number from fraudulent use by others.
  8. Only one wall certificate will be issued. It is to be posted in the member’s primary place of employment. If a Massage Therapist practices in more than one location, the photo ID card must be used to verify registration to the public and employers.
  9. Massage therapists are responsible for taking the wall certificate with them upon leaving their place of primary employment.


Jane Peterson, M. T. was hired by the ABC clinic to work 3 days per week. The clinic was owned by a business person who was not registered with any regulatory College. The clinic was staffed by various unregulated individuals who provided many different types of treatment.

Upon employment, Ms. Rodgers, the owner, informed Ms. Peterson that she needed a photocopy of the certificate of registration. Ms. Peterson provided a copy. After 6 weeks, Ms. Rodgers terminated Ms. Peterson’s employment, asking her to leave the premises immediately. No other Massage Therapist was hired to replace her.

Two months later, Ms. Peterson was contacted by the College inquiring about the billing practices relating to the provision of Massage Therapy services at the ABC clinic. It became apparent during the investigation, that the ABC clinic, after Ms. Peterson’s departure, had continued to bill for Massage Therapy services under her name and number.

The copy of her wall certificate, containing her registration number was still posted in the clinic giving the impression to both clients and insurers that Ms. Peterson still practised there.


Adopted: June 19, 1995 
Amended: November 19, 1999
 Amended: September 20, 2004 
Amended: March 7, 2005