Please note that some educational providers offer more than one program. Registrants are encouraged to contact the education provider directly to ensure that the acupuncture education program they wish to take is a Confirmed Acupuncture Education Program for the purpose of requesting authorization from CMTO to practise using acupuncture within the scope of Massage Therapy in Ontario.

CMTO supports the use of acupuncture as a modality if registrants are authorized by the College to perform acupuncture, and this modality is performed within the Massage Therapy Scope of Practice and in accordance with CMTO’s Standard of Practice: Acupuncture. The practice of acupuncture as a Massage Therapy modality requires specialized training of a significant nature. These educational programs have confirmed, in writing, to CMTO that their teachings, evaluation process and instructor qualifications meet the College’s requirements. CMTO calls the programs that confirm that they have met these thresholds “confirmed acupuncture education programs.”

In order to become a “Confirmed Acupuncture Education Program,” CMTO requires programs to submit a true and accurate formal declaration that:

  1. The program teaches all of the Acupuncture Practice Competencies and Performance Indicators (APC/PIs) as articulated and published by CMTO;[1]
  2. All of the program’s acupuncture instructors are authorized (regulated appropriately in Ontario, in good standing,[2]  and not currently under investigation);
  3. Their acupuncture program includes comprehensive practical and theoretical evaluation/examination of students for both the theoretical and practical components of the curriculum [and students must pass the evaluation(s) and/or examination(s) in order to graduate from the program].

View the confirmed acupuncture education programs.

Registrants will be able to select one of the programs listed above when applying (online) to be authorized to perform acupuncture.

This list may be modified from time to time. CMTO is entitled to refuse to include a program on the list (or remove it from the list) of Confirmed Acupuncture Education Programs if CMTO is aware that, despite confirmation by the program, the program does not meet one or more of the minimum requirements for inclusion.

Approved by Council: December 5, 2016

[1]Programs are able to confirm their compliance with teaching the API/PIs retroactively to February 2013 (when the APCs/PIs were approved by Council).
[2]To be in good standing with their health regulatory college, the instructor must not be in default of payment of any prescribed fees; their Certificate of Registration must not be subject to a term, condition or limitation other than one prescribed by regulation; they must not be the subject of any disciplinary or incapacity proceedings; and their registration must not be revoked pursuant to any order that was issued by the Discipline Committee.

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