MTRF Funded Projects

Since 2006, through the MTRF, CMTO has made significant contributions towards Massage Therapy research conducted by researchers, Massage Therapists working with researchers and Massage Therapists undertaking graduate studies across Canada.

Highlights about the MTRF:

  • Over $450,000 in grant funds awarded;
  • 26 Massage Therapy research projects from across Canada funded;
  • 4 Massage Therapists pursuing research training through a Master’s or PhD program at a Canadian university supported through the MTRF;
  • Researchers in 9 provinces from 21different research institutions in Canada (universities, teaching hospitals and colleges) have received MTRF grants.

To ensure Massage Therapists’ have access to the findings and knowledge generated through the MTRF, CMTO provides a summary of each project in progress and a final report of each completed project.

MTRF Funded Studies – COMPLETED

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