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The Role of CMTO in Protecting Public Interest

Finding safe and qualified healthcare professionals for yourself and your loved ones is an important task, especially given the variety of healthcare providers available today. Healthcare providers can be regulated or unregulated. Regulated healthcare professionals are held accountable for the care they provide. Massage Therapy is one of 29 regulated health professions in Ontario, and it is CMTO’s job to oversee and govern Massage Therapists (also called Registered Massage Therapists, RMTs or MTs).

CMTO’s mandate is to ensure the public interest is placed at the forefront of all our activities and decision making. This means the focus is on the client’s needs. CMTO was established by the Government of Ontario to protect the public interest by:

  • Setting the minimum requirements for becoming an RMT. Only qualified professionals are registered to practise and allowed to use the protected title of “Massage Therapist” “MT” or “Registered Massage Therapist” “RMT”.
  • Maintaining a reliable, accurate and accessible public register to help you verify whether the person you are visiting for a massage is a qualified RMT.
  • Setting and enforcing CMTO’s Standards of Practice so that you and your family can receive safe, effective and ethical care.
  • Running a Quality Assurance Program to ensure RMTs keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date and provide you with safe and effective treatment.
  • Addressing concerns or complaints you may have as a client, about the Massage Therapy care you received.

You and your loved ones deserve nothing less than safe, ethical and effective Massage Therapy care. If you feel a professional boundary has been crossed, or if the care you received fell short of your expectations, CMTO is here to help.

Concerns and Complaints

All health regulators in Ontario have a formal complaints process in place. This process gives you the right to raise a complaint or concern about an RMT’s behaviour, professionalism or practice with CMTO. Each step of the process is designed to be impartial and fair to both, the person who files the complaint and the RMT who is the subject of the complaint.

Filing a Complaint

You can submit your complaint to CMTO in writing, as an audio or video recording, or in other ways. The complaint should include the name of the RMT in question, time, place, date(s) and details of the incident(s).

If you are unsure or have any questions about how to file a complaint, please contact our Professional Conduct Department at or call 416-489-2626/1-800-465-1933 extension 4149. 

Next Steps

Once we receive your complaint, someone from our Professional Conduct team will contact you about next steps in the complaints process. The RMT who is the subject of the complaint will receive a copy of the complaint within 14 days of CMTO receiving your complaint. The RMT will be asked to provide their response to your complaint within 30 days of the RMT receiving a copy of the complaint. You will have the opportunity to make comments on the RMT’s response. Sometimes additional information is collected, including through interviews. Your complaint will then be reviewed by CMTO’s Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC). The ICRC can decide to do one or more of the following:

  • Refer the significant concerns regarding the RMT’s behavior, professionalism or practice to the Discipline Committee for a hearing;
  • Refer the RMT to another panel of the ICRC for further action if there is sufficient information to suggest physical or mental incapacity or both;
  • Require the RMT to appear before a panel of the ICRC to be cautioned;
  • Take other appropriate action such as requiring the RMT to undergo continuing education or remediation; or,
  • Take no further action.

CMTO makes certain complaint outcomes public on our public register, which is why it is important to check CMTO’s public register before booking an appointment with an RMT.

Learn more about the complaints process, including complaint audio guides in different languages.

Discipline Hearing Schedule

The hearing schedule provides the list of RMTs that have been referred to the Discipline Committee and the corresponding hearing dates. These hearings are open to the public. 

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We take all complaints and concerns very seriously. If you would like to talk to someone about the complaints process or about the care you received from an RMT, please contact the Professional Conduct Department at or call 416-489-2626/1-800-465-1933 extension 4149.