Government Updates Directive #2

April 21, 2021

To preserve system capacity during Ontario’s third wave of COVID-19, the province has updated Directive #2 to cease all non-emergency and non-urgent surgeries and procedures, effective immediately. This update to Directive #2 does not directly impact Massage Therapists (MTs/RMTs). Other health services, including services peripheral to surgical services and services for pain management, continue to be permitted.

When determining if treatment should be provided, please continue to conduct risk assessments before every treatment to ensure the anticipated benefits of treatment outweigh risks to the client and the RMT.

In addition to risk assessments, Directive #2 also outlines principles for healthcare professionals (of proportionality, minimizing harm to patients/clients, equity and reciprocity) to consider in providing fair and transparent care to clients.

RMTs will want to note that wearing eye protection (e.g. goggles or face shield) is strongly recommended by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO), in addition to all required Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) measures in CMTO’s COVID-19 Pandemic – Practice Guidance for Massage Therapists. CMTO wants to reiterate this strong recommendation because in some cases, local Public Health Units may be determining whether an RMT needs to isolate for 14 days (after unknowingly being exposed to COVID-19 by a client) on whether eye protection was used.

CMTO will continue to review evolving guidance and will update RMTs if things change. CMTO appreciates the strain the COVID-19 pandemic has put on RMTs. Thank you for the role you are playing in protecting yourselves, clients and the community. For questions on vaccination eligibility, access and safety from credible sources, please visit CMTO’s COVID-19 webpage.

If you have questions after reviewing the information on our website, please contact CMTO’s Practice Specialist at or by phone at 416-489-2626/1-800-465-1933 extension 4124. For information on COVID-19 vaccination in your region, please contact your local Public Health Unit.