Get Ready! Practice Profile Coming Soon

March 13, 2023

Practice Profile, part of STRiVE – the Quality Assurance Program, will launch in the coming weeks. As shared in the February edition of TouchPoint, RMTs with a General Certificate of Registration will be required to complete Practice Profile and will have 30 days to submit it. RMTs with an Inactive Certificate of Registration are not required to complete Practice Profile, but may complete it if they choose.

CMTO will follow up again one week before Practice Profile opens.

What can I expect from the process?

Practice Profile will be available via the STRiVE platform. Once you log in, you will see a new landing page that includes a button titled “Practice Profile”.

Practice Profile will take about one hour to complete and you have the option to save your progress, should you need to exit and return later.

How should I prepare?

The information presented in the STRiVE e-Learning Module: An Introduction to Risk-based Assessments continues to be available to you via the STRiVE platform, which provides an overview of what to expect from Practice Profile.

As a reminder, the selected Standards of Practice and Regulations for 2023 are listed below with their corresponding Standard or Regulation Spotlight. Reviewing each will help prepare you for Practice Profile:

If you have questions about Practice Profile, please email us at