Discipline Hearing Schedule

Discipline Referrals and Hearings Schedule

View the current discipline referrals and hearings schedule 

The Discipline Hearing Schedule provides the list of cases that have been referred to Discipline and the corresponding hearing dates. Click on the hearing date to view a summary of the allegations against the individual. For additional information about the individual, click on their name (this will take you to the individual’s profile on CMTO’s public register).

COVID-19 Update

To protect the health and safety of everyone involved and to limit the spread of COVID-19, CMTO has temporarily stopped in-person hearings. Hearings are now being held electronically. These hearings remain open to the public. Anyone who wishes to observe the hearing should contact hearings@cmto.com.

Discipline Committee Practice Direction: Electronic Hearings

Fitness to Practise Committee Practice Direction: Electronic Hearings