Douglas Godin

member: Douglas Godin
Hearing Date(s): September 25, 2002

Charges of Professional Misconduct

  • Sexual abuse of client, in relation to four complainants
  • Contravening a standard of practice of the profession or a published standard of the College, or failed to maintain a standard of the profession, in relation to four complaints;
  • Failing to keep records, in relation to three clients.

Brief Synopsis of Facts

  • The College received four complaints in relation to the conduct of the member
  • The member had treated all four complainants over a period of time
  • In relation to three of the complainants, the member touched the complainants inappropriately in a sexual manner, during the course of treatments.
  • In relation to one complainant the member also failed to obtain consent to treatment
  • In relation to one complainant, the member engaged in sexual relations with the client.
  • The member pleaded guilty to all charges


The panel agreed that the facts as presented sustained the member’s guilty plea and therefore found the member guilty of the charges of professional misconduct.


  • Revocation of the member’s Certificate of Registration;
  • Reprimand;
  • Publication of the Decision
  • No costs were imposed

Panel’s Reasons For Decision

The panel took into consideration the member’s co-operation with the College by reducing the need for a lengthy hearing. Additionally the panel took into consideration the member’s financial situation when considering its award for cost but under normal circumstances given the number of complainants and the allegations against the member a substantial cost award was warranted. The Panel was gravely concerned with the member’s conduct and noted that this case demonstrated one of the most serious sexual predatory behavioural patterns ever seen by this College. The damage to the profession arising from this case was of significant concern and the panel was outraged by the harm the member has caused the four complainants.