COVID-19 Update – Premier’s Announcement, Ministry of Health Healthcare Provider Recruitment and new CMTO COVID-19 webpage

March 23, 2020

Premier’s Announcement – Closure of all Non-Essential Businesses

The Government of Ontario has ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses and services, as of 11:59 pm. on Tuesday March 24, 2020. You can read the news release here.

Ontario Ministry of Health – Healthcare Provider Recruitment

Ontario’s Ministry of Health (Healthforce Ontario) is looking for people with experience in healthcare who can support front line healthcare workers and help the Ministry prevent and control the spread of COVID-19.

While CMTO is not involved in this campaign, we are distributing this information to help spread the word. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to help the Ministry of Health, please click here.

Dedicated COVID-19 Webpage

CMTO has created a dedicated webpage for all COVID-19 related information and resources.

The new page is accessible from CMTO’s homepage.

All CMTO information related to COVID-19 will be available on this page, including a link to the Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health’s formal directive to healthcare providers pursuant to the Health Protection and Promotion Act ordering that all non-essential and elective services be ceased or reduced to minimal levels until further notice. This directive applies to all regulated health professionals and persons who operate a group practice of regulated health professionals (e.g. clinic owners). We ask that all RMTs review the directive, you can access it here.

FAQs that provide answers to the questions that CMTO is receiving most often are available on this page, and will be updated as needed.

We hope this information is helpful, and we will continue to provide updates.

For questions about this information, please contact CMTO’s Practice Specialist at or by phone at (416) 489-2626/1-800-465-1933 extension 4124.