Council and Committees

CMTO council


The Council is the governing body of the College. According to the Massage Therapy Act, 1991 and the College by-laws, Council is composed of:

  • Nine Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) elected by their peers on a geographical or academic basis; and
  • Up to eight public (non RMT) members appointed by the provincial government

Elected members hold office for three years and may stand for re-election twice, for a maximum of nine consecutive years served. Public members generally serve one or two terms or three to six years.

Council members sit on at least one College committee. Each of these has a specific function mandated by the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA). General Council meetings are held at least four times per year at the College office to review the activities of the College and make decisions regarding policy issues.

These meetings are open to all registrants and the public.


To confidentially contact the Council President:


2021 Council Members

Sean Adderley, RMT

District 1

Suja Biber, RMT

District 8

Anna Cantalini, RMT

District 6

Lesley Hargreaves, RMT

District 9

Marlene Kesler

Public Member

Sohail Mall

Public Member

Jay Mathers

Public Member

Dawn Oehring, RMT

District 2

Jalpa Patel

Public Member

Lisa Tucker, RMT

District 3

Ian Vining, RMT

District 4

Ravara Van Vliet, RMT

District 7

Carolyn Watt

Public Member

Kim Westfall-Connor, RMT

District 5

Lloyd White

Public Member

2021 Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has all the powers of Council between Council meetings with the exception of making, amending, or revoking By-laws or Regulations. The Committee addresses and acts on matters requiring immediate attention between regular meetings of Council. The Committee must report to Council on any decisions taken between regular meetings and must report annually on its activities.

Committee Members

  • Kim Westfall-Connor, RMT, President
  • Lloyd White, Public Member, Vice President
  • Anna Cantalini, RMT, Executive Officer
  • Carolyn Watts, Public Member, Executive Officer

Client Relations Committee

The Client Relations Committee is responsible for overseeing programs that encourage a commitment to continuously improving the professional relationship between RMTs and their clients. This includes:

  • Developing related education requirements and guidelines for registrants as they relate to prevention of all forms of abuse;
  • Ensuring measures are in place to prevent and deal with sexual and other forms of client abuse;
  • Promoting public understanding of the College’s abuse prevention plan;
  • Administering a funding program, providing therapy and counselling for those who were sexually abused, while clients, by a College registrant.

Committee Members

  • Anna Cantalini, RMT, Chair
  • Sohail Mall, Public Member 
  • Jalpa Patel, Public Member
  • Dawn Ricica, RMT (non-Council Member)


Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is responsible for conducting hearings related to allegations of registrants’ professional misconduct or incompetence.

As part of this process, where appropriate, the Committee makes decisions about revoking or suspending registrants’ Certificates of Registration or imposing other terms and conditions.

Committee Members

  • Lesley Hargreaves, RMT, Chair
  • All Council Members
  • Allie Bisset, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Cora Di Pietro, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Bobbie Flint, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Sarah Kingsbury, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Jim Marinow, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Cindy McNaughton, RMT (non-Council Member)

Fitness to Practise Committee

The Fitness to Practise Committee hears matters concerning the physical or mental capacity of a registrant to practise. It makes decisions concerning the registrant’s capacity to practise; and where appropriate, orders revocations or suspensions, or imposes other terms, conditions or limitations on registration certificates.

Committee Members

  • Marlene Kesler, Public Member, Chair
  • All Council Members


Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee

The Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) oversees investigations, reviews complaints from the public about registrants and determines a course of action in accordance with legislation, including referral to the Discipline Committee for allegations of professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity. It is also responsible for keeping the complainant and the registrant informed during this process.

The Committee is required to complete the investigation and make a decision as to the outcome of each complaint within 150 days.

Committee Members

  • Lisa Tucker, RMT, Chair
  • Sean Adderley, RMT
  • Suja Biber, RMT
  • Jay Mathers, Public Member 
  • Carolyn Watt, Public Member 
  • Lloyd White, Public Member 
  • Deny Brulotte, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Sandra Cina, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • David Janveau, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Cheryl Lewin, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Elisabeth Mathers, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Rossana Rebeccani, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Karalyn Van Aken, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Ashley Van Zelst, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Eric Wu, RMT (non-Council Member)

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee develops, monitors and reports on the College’s Quality Assurance Program. This includes appointing peer assessors for the program and referring any information regarding a registrant’s potential professional misconduct or incompetence to the ICRC.

Committee Members

  • Dawn Oehring, RMT, Chair
  • Lesley Hargreaves, RMT
  • Marlene Kesler, Public Member
  • Jay Mathers, Public Member
  • Jalpa Patel, Public Member
  • Rebecca Cleaveley, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Tammy Contois, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Jennifer Da Ponte, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Michael Hayes, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Jianjiang Li, RMT (non-Council Member)
  • Susan Schankula, RMT (non-Council Member)

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee evaluates internationally educated applicants for admission to the certification examination, as well as other matters, including inactive registrants requesting a return to clinical practice, or applicants for registration who do not meet the criteria for registration set out in legislation. It also reviews requests from the Registrar to impose terms or conditions on a current registrant’s certificate. In fulfilling its mandate, the Registration Committee has a duty to provide registration practices that are transparent, objective, impartial and fair.

Committee Members

  • Sohail Mall, Public Member, Chair
  • Marlene Kesler, Public Member
  • Ravara Van Vliet, RMT
  • Ian Vining, RMT
  • Sorin Darie, RMT (non-Council Member)