CMTO’s New Standards of Practice

CMTO is pleased to release the new Standards of Practice (2022) for the Massage Therapy profession. The new Standards come into effect on January 1, 2022.

Until then, RMTs should continue following the requirements in the current Standards of Practice (2006).

What are the Standards?

Standards of Practice are the requirements and expectations that help Massage Therapists (MTs/RMTs) deliver safe and ethical care to their clients. The Standards are applicable to all practice settings. 

About the New Standards of Practice


The new Standards of Practice were developed through extensive research and with feedback received from MTs/RMTs, clients, educators and others.

The new Standards will not significantly impact how RMTs provide Massage Therapy. Instead, there will be a shift towards an outcomes-based perspective within practice. This outcomes-based approach will allow for more flexibility to suit an RMT’s specific practice needs.

The new Standards of Practice are:

  • Client-centric and include a client outcome statement that will help clients understand what to expect from their MT/RMT.
  • Outcomes-based and aim to provide the fewest requirements possible while still upholding client safety.
  • Applicable across all practice settings, regardless of practice environment.
  • Designed to offer flexibility and RMTs may apply the Standards in a way that is most suitable for their practice, as long as they first meet all the minimum requirements outlined in each Standard.
  • Linked to STRiVE – the Quality Assurance Program and are closely associated with the 15 Career-Span Competencies.

What This Change Means for RMTs

Until December 31, 2021, RMTs should continue following the current Standards of Practice. Starting January 1, 2022, RMTs are expected to practise according to the new Standards of Practice (2022).

While the new Standards will not significantly impact how RMTs deliver Massage Therapy, RMTs are encouraged to begin reviewing the new Standards (2022), understanding the requirements and considering how to apply them to their practice.


How Did the College Develop these Standards?

CMTO undertook a project to update its Standards of Practice in 2019. During this process, CMTO reviewed the existing Standards, legislation, policies, and standards from similar organizations in Ontario, across Canada and internationally.

In the early stages of the project, CMTO established a Standards of Practice Advisory Group (SPAG), comprised of RMTs from Ontario. The SPAG provided input into the development of the new Standards and addressed any identified issues along the way. As part of SPAG’s work, a new Standard on Draping and Physical Privacy was also added to the 2022 Standards of Practice package.

In 2020, the College sought feedback from RMTs, clients, educators and others by circulating a survey and the draft Standards of Practice. The majority of respondents agreed that the new Standards were clear and applicable across different practice settings. You can learn more about this process in the Final Report: The Standards of Practice Revision Project.

Have a Question?

If you have questions after reviewing the Standards, please contact CMTO’s Practice Specialist at or by phone at 416-489-2626/1-800-465-1933 extension 4124.