CMTO’s 2024 Fees

May 15, 2023

At its meeting on May 8, 2023, Council approved an increase of $18 to the General Certificate fee for 2024 ($897 to $915). According to CMTO’s By-laws, the Inactive Certificate fee will increase by $9 ($448.50 to $457.50)

CMTO continues to make progress in identifying ways to reduce overall costs. In May 2023 we sub-leased part of our office ahead of a 2024 target. Reductions in external investigation and IT development costs are also in progress.

Like all businesses, CMTO continues to be challenged by inflation, which is increasing costs along several business lines (e.g., IT, investigations, etc.). This fee increase is necessary to:

  • account for inflationary increases.
  • continue building up financial reserves to keep CMTO in a healthy financial position.
  • continue to address our volume of complaints and reports.

CMTO will continue to improve internal processes and increase efficiency where possible, while we fulfil our public protection mandate.

Thank you.