CMTO Introduces Enhanced Web Features

July 28, 2021

The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) is pleased to introduce several new and improved web features that will help provide a better user experience for Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs/MTs) and the public.

CMTO recently updated the public register and registrant portal, and digitized several forms to make it easier for RMTs to submit information to the College, and for individuals to file complaints and mandatory reports. A summary of the changes is below.

Updates to the Public Register

CMTO’s public register contains up-to-date information on every RMT in Ontario. The changes to the public register include:

1. Gender

Before, an RMT’s gender was displayed on the public register as “male” or “female”. Now, RMTs will have the choice to identify their gender as:

  • “M” (generally associated with male);
  • “F” (generally associated with female); or
  • “X” (not directly associated with male or female, including but not limited to Trans, Two-Spirit, Non-Binary, and/or Binary people. CMTO recognizes that there may be more terms that represent the diverse and unique gender experiences, including those of the LGBTQ2S community, and we will continue to respond to developments going forward).

2. “Authorized to Practise”/ “Not Authorized to Practise”

Any RMT currently authorized to practise Massage Therapy in Ontario will show as “Yes” under a new “Authorized to Practise” section of the public register. RMTs may be listed as not authorized to practise for several reasons (e.g., suspended, revoked, holding an Inactive Certificate of Registration) and will show as “No” under that same section.

3. New Public Register Alert

Information about practice concern(s) related to an RMT will appear under the new public register alert. These alerts may include details about an RMT’s current practice restrictions, investigation or disciplinary matters, or findings of guilt by a criminal court.

We encourage you to view CMTO’s Glossary of Terms for more information on these new web features and what they mean.

Updates to the Registrant Portal

CMTO is moving towards a self-serve model for RMTs. RMTs are now able to update and access their information through the enhanced registrant portal.

  • Logging in: When logging in to the registrant portal for the first time, RMTs will need to reactivate their profile by clicking “Activate Now”. RMTs will now log in with the email address currently on file with CMTO, and they will need to create a new password. View the log in instructions.
  • Online registration forms: RMTs are now able to manage several registration-related processes online, such as name and class changes and updating practice location information. Please use the online forms that you can access by logging in to the registrant portal. PDF forms are available on request.

New Online Forms

To make submitting complaints and mandatory reports easier, CMTO transitioned the following forms from a paper format to a digital format. These forms are also available in PDF on request.

  • Complaint Form: allows anyone to submit a formal complaint about an RMT.
  • Mandatory Reporting Form: allows RMTs, other regulated health professionals, employers, or facility operators to report sexual abuse, professional misconduct, or employment termination.

If you have questions after reading this article and visiting our website, please contact us at