CLARIFICATION: CMTO Wants to Hear from You: Proposed Amendments to By-Law No. 7 – Fees for Registration, Examinations and Other Activities of the College

On March 6, 2019, the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) invited registrants to comment on a proposed by-law amendment to By-Law No. 7 – Fees for Registration, Examinations and Other Activities of the College.

Currently, CMTO does not have the ability to require individual registrants with costs owing (e.g. from outstanding fees or discipline costs) to pay those costs as part of their annual Certificate of Registration Fee.

CMTO is currently proposing a by-law amendment that would allow the College to add outstanding fees or discipline costs incurred by individual registrants onto that registrant’s annual Certificate of Registration Fee.

The intent of this proposed by-law change is to make fees fairer for the vast majority of registrants (who do not have outstanding fees or discipline costs). Recouping the fees from the registrants who incurred them would help CMTO partially offset the high costs of discipline hearings.

The proposed by-law amendment, as outlined below, means that these costs would be added to the annual Certificate of Registration fee of the registrant who incurred the costs.

7. In addition to the amounts set out in section 4 and 5, any outstanding balance owing to the College in respect of any decision made by a committee and any fees payable under this by-law, will be added to and included in the annual fees.

CMTO hopes this clarification is helpful, and is seeking your feedback on the proposed amendment to this by-law. Prior to finalizing this proposal, the College will carefully consider your comments and suggestions, keeping in mind the College’s public interest mandate.

Please complete this brief survey to provide your feedback. Please note, if you have already submitted your responses to this survey, you can revise all or any of your previous answers by revisiting the same survey link. 

Feedback must be received no later than May 7, 2019.

If you have questions regarding this proposed amendment, please contact Evelyn Waters, Deputy Registrar, at or by phone at 1-800-465-1933 or 416-489-2626, ext. 4161.

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