Massage Therapists Educated Outside Ontario

Massage Therapists Registered in a Regulated Province

Under the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), regulated professions, including Massage Therapy, have mutual recognition of credentials across provinces. This means that a Massage Therapist from a regulated province who is registered and in good standing with their province’s regulatory College can apply for registration in Ontario upon completion of the College’s Jurisprudence Examination OR the College’s 4-week Standards & Regulations E-Workshop. Following successful completion of the examination or workshop, the AIT applicant must also complete the application for Initial Registration (IR) and any administrative requirements related to that application, such as submission of a current criminal record check. Please see the Initial Registration Guide for more details.

The jurisprudence examination is a 60-minute multiple choice examination and the content is pulled from the College’s MCQ certification examination item bank and covers the following Ontario specific topics:


The Standards and Regulations E-Workshop  is an online course that provides an overview of the Standards of Practice and the Regulations. It is designed to help applicants gain an understanding of the legislation, regulations, policies and procedures that govern Massage Therapy practice in Ontario. More information about the course is available here.

Massage Therapists from Unregulated Provinces or Trained Internationally

If someone is a Massage Therapist from a Canadian province where Massage Therapy is not regulated, or if they are trained internationally as a Massage Therapist, the College requires that they undergo Credential and Prior Learning Assessment (CPLA) before they can take the College’s Certification Examinations and register to practise Massage Therapy in Ontario. This process ensures that they have qualifications and skills equivalent to those obtained through the educational program currently being taught in schools and Colleges in Ontario.

CPLA Process Overview

The CPLA consists of a credential assessment, an English language assessment (if needed) and a diagnostic assessment – a three-part written and practical evaluation of one’s knowledge, critical thinking and clinical application skills. Following completion of the CPLA process, one will be referred to one of the following steps towards obtaining registration to practise Massage Therapy in Ontario:

  1. Direct Access to the College’s Certification Examinations
 If the knowledge and skills are assessed as equivalent to the standards required for entry to practice in Ontario, referral will be directly to the College’s Certification examinations.
  2. Ontario Diploma Programs in Massage Therapy 
If someone’s knowledge and skills are assessed as not equivalent to the required educational standards in Ontario and the assessment determines that general retraining is required, they will be referred to the Massage Therapy diploma program in Ontario.

To learn more about the CPLA process, please contact the College.