Remediation and Second Diploma


Under the Examination Regulation, candidates have a total of three attempts to successfully pass the OSCE or MCQ, or they will be required to return to school to obtain a new diploma before attempting the Certification Examination again.

The Examination Regulation states:

3(2) In every case where a candidate has failed the examinations three times after obtaining a diploma from a Massage Therapy program acceptable to the Registration Committee, the candidate is not eligible to apply to take the examinations again without obtaining another diploma from a Massage Therapy program acceptable to the Registration Committee. O. Reg. 266/04, s. 1.

It is highly recommended that the candidate take time to prepare before their final attempt. The Candidate Handbook contains a Content Outline for both exams that can guide study process.

The candidate may also consider contacting the school where they received their diploma from to ask if there is remediation or other study help available.

Lastly, if the candidate has scheduled another date to take the exam, but as the exam date approaches, they do not feel ready, please remember that there is the option to cancel or reschedule the exam to another date. The candidate may incur a financial penalty in accordance with the payment policies; however, it may be preferable to taking the examination at another time, should the candidate not feel that they will be performing at their best.

Obtaining a Second Diploma

As described in the College’s remediation policy, candidates who failed one or more of the College’s certification examinations, returned to school to obtain another diploma and then reapplied for examinations, will be treated as a new applicant. These candidates must take and obtain a successful result on both the Multiple Choice (MCQ) examination and the Objectively Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) examination regardless of their previous history on either component of the examinations.