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Updated Refresher Course Coming January 2023

Fall-Winter 2022

CMTO has updated the refresher course policy to reduce the number of tutoring hours required, permit more tutoring hours to be completed remotely, and incorporate CMTO’s new online jurisprudence program.

The updated Refresher Course:

  • Helps ensure applicants’ and RMTs’ practice knowledge remains up-to-date;
  • Is simpler and easier for participants to understand; and
  • Is flexible and tailored to the individual needs of participants.

Like the current Refresher Course, the updated course will include jurisprudence and tutoring components. Below is a summary of the changes:

  1. Online jurisprudence program (replaces the Standards and Regulations e-Workshop):
    • Must be completed before the tutoring component.
    • Consists of three modules that can be completed in any order, with a test at the end of each module.
    • Can be completed in approximately four hours.
    • Is available at no charge.
    • Results are valid for six months.
  1. Tutoring:
    • Must be provided by a CMTO-approved tutor.
    • Number of tutoring hours is based on whether the participant is an applicant or an RMT and how much time has passed since holding a General Certificate.
    • Total number of tutoring hours is reduced and increases the use of remote tutoring.
    • Must be completed within six months of completing the jurisprudence program.

The Refresher Course is valid for 15 months once the jurisprudence program and tutoring have been completed.

For RMTs who need or want to complete a Refresher Course before the end of 2022, the current refresher course policy still applies.

If you have any questions, please contact

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