Patient signing health history collection form at a clinic.

Update on Collecting Client-Centred Health History

June 2023

Have you ever visited a health professional and been asked health history questions that seem irrelevant, or for sensitive information that you don’t feel comfortable sharing?

Health history questions are important for setting the stage for effective and client-centred treatment. CMTO’s Guide to Record Keeping Requirements outlines the minimum amount of information that must be collected and documented in a client’s health record.

In addition to minimum requirements, health history forms (CMTO’s previous health history template included) have suggested that RMTs collect information about specific infections (such as herpes, tuberculosis, and HIV), a list of all current medications and gynecological conditions.

As society and healthcare evolve, CMTO believes it’s important that RMTs focus only on the relevant health history questions and information that will help them deliver safe and quality care to their clients.

Over the coming months, CMTO will engage RMTs in a feedback survey to better understand which health history information and questions are necessary for effective provision of safe Massage Therapy treatment.

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