Upcoming Revisions to the Quality Assurance Program

Spring 2018

By Marnie Lofsky, Director of Professional Practice

In February 2018, we sought feedback on the proposed framework and Essential Competencies for the new Quality Assurance Program (QAP). This consultation served as the first opportunity to provide input into our new QAP. The overall feedback we’ve obtained through this consultation was very positive. The College has also recently conducted in-depth focus groups to gather additional insight on proposed revisions to the QAP. We’ll carefully consider all provided input prior to moving onto the next phase of the revision process: development and testing of the assessment components of the new QAP.

The new Program will focus on identifying and exploring areas where Massage Therapists (MTs) may wish to expand their knowledge, skills and abilities to provide safer and more effective services to their clients. Through self-assessment, MTs will be encouraged to identify their strengths as well as growth opportunities and will establish learning plans to address their selected areas of interest. CMTO will provide education on a number of key topics that will foster greater understanding of client safety in the Massage Therapy profession.

A new online system is being developed for the new QAP and will be launched along with the new tools later this year.

In the meantime, the expectation for MTs is to continue engaging in professional development and continuing education activities throughout the redevelopment process of the QAP. We encourage all MTs to consider how your current continuing education activities help advance your knowledge, skills and abilities in Massage Therapy, and reflect on the ways you are incorporating your learning into your everyday practice. This reflection process will be the cornerstone of the new QAP. Please continue to watch for communications from CMTO about the new QAP and for opportunities to provide your input into the development of the new tools.

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