RMT completing STRiVE on their laptop

STRiVE Requirements Due November 30

Fall 2022

The 2022 STRiVE cycle began at the beginning of September. By November 30, 2022, RMTs must complete and submit the following:

2022 E-Learning Module: “Introduction to a Risk-based Approach to Assessment”

This year’s E-Learning Module is an introduction to the new risk-based approach to assessments that will support RMTs in meeting the Standards of Practice and Regulations.

The new approach will:

  • Allow an RMT to reflect on their unique Risks and Supports to competence;
  • Provide feedback on an RMT’s application of the Standards and Regulations in practice, and whether clients’ expectations are being met;
  • Offer multiple ways to demonstrate understanding of specific topics within the Standards and Regulations;
  • Provide additional information and resources to help ensure compliance with the Standards and Regulations.

STRiVE Program Evaluation – Share Your Feedback!

STRiVE – the Quality Assurance Program is designed to fit the individual needs of all RMTs and support their continued growth, professional development and lifelong learning.

STRiVE is made up of two parts:

  • Supporting each RMT to ‘be the best you can be’; and
  • Ensuring compliance with the Standards of Practice and Regulations.

CMTO is conducting an evaluation of the “Be the Best You Can Be” part of STRiVE. RMTs are encouraged to share their experiences and feedback. A link to the program evaluation survey will be available upon submission of the 2022 requirements.

More information can be found on the STRiVE webpage. RMTs may contact the STRiVE centre at strive@cmto.com if they have questions after reviewing the information on our website.

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